Not time for the ‘blame game’

Published 9:10 am Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Bertie County Board of Education has taken much criticism for its 11th hour decision to put the Connect Bertie project on hold.

Some of the criticism has been mean-spirited, but some has come from people who are truly concerned about a project that could possibly help more than 1,400 homes in the county receive high speed internet access and a computer.

The press release issued by the board Wednesday afternoon outlines some of the reasons the board made the decision it did. The six contract stipulations certainly could have taken a toll on a school district already struggling for funds.

Those obstacles, however, likely can be overcome if the two parties involved – Bertie County Schools and Century Link – sit down at the table and work out the details of a new contract that will not only protect the school district, but will allow Century Link an opportunity to meet its goals.

There have been a multitude of villains in this project, according to some citizens. People have blamed the board of education, others the superintendent of schools, some Century Link and even a few have mistakenly placed the blame on the Bertie County Manager, who has no control over the school district.

Now is not the time for playing the blame game. It’s a time for the board to be allowed to work towards a solution that will be in the best interest of all.