Bridge work prompts detours

Published 10:35 am Saturday, July 10, 2010

PLYMOUTH – Those traveling here from Windsor and Merry Hill will have a much more difficult time for the next month.

On Monday, the bridge on N.C. 45 and N.C. 308 will close for bridge preservation work. The bridge, which spans the Roanoke, Middle and Cashie rivers, will be closed to all traffic through August 10.

Anyone traveling from Windsor or Merry Hill to Plymouth will be forced to go through Williamston to reach their destination for that period of time.

Individuals traveling south on N.C. 45 will follow the marked Detour Route of N.C. 45 and N.C. 308. These individuals will travel north on N.C. 45 to the U.S. 17 intersection and then turn onto U.S. 17.

They will follow U.S. 17 to N.C. 37 and then travel down N.C. 37 south until it intersects with N.C. 32 and N.C. 94. They will continue traveling south until the intersection of N.C. 32 and N.C. 94 at which time they will turn left and follow N.C. 94 East to U.S. 64. They will then exit onto U.S. 64 and follow that road until they reach N.C. 45.

Motorists may also choose to use the N.C. 308 Alternate Route which will take them to U.S. 17 South from Windsor to the U.S. 64 intersection in Williamston. They will then turn left on U.S. 64 East and follow that road to the intersection of N.C. 45 in Plymouth.

Individuals traveling north on N.C. 45 will utilize the N.C. 45 and N.C. 308 Detour Route. They will travel west on U.S. 64 to the N.C. 94 interchanges where they will exit on to N.C. 94 and travel north until it intersects with N.C. 32.

The other alternate for those traveling north would be the N.C. 308 Alternate Route. Those taking this route would follow U.S. 64 West to the intersection of U.S. 17 in Williamston and then turn onto U.S. 17 and follow that north to the N.C. 308 intersection in Windsor.

The bridge is being closed by the North Carolina Department of Transportation for bridge preservation work.