Clearing the cranial cobwebs

Published 9:23 am Saturday, June 26, 2010

Here are some random thoughts that have been swirling around in my head this week.

* If Elaine Marshall is successful in her campaign to defeat Senator Richard Burr (and I hope she will be), North Carolina will have a female governor and two female senators. Pretty progressive for our state.

* Sunday night was the end of one of my favorite shows ever. “The Tutors” aired its final episode and it was a finale fitting the show. I’ll miss seeing it on television, but it has been one of the most fantastic stories ever told.

* In my list of favorite comedians a few weeks ago, I inadvertently left off one of my favorites: Ron White. He is my favorite of the “Blue Collar” comedians and I certainly should have had him in my top five.

* I drive every day on Memorial Drive in Ahoskie. After doing so for most of my adult life, I have learned this one thing: people have no idea how to drive.

Recently, I was driving down Memorial and a person pulled out of a gas station directly in front of me. I had to slam on breaks to avoid hitting them. Then they had the nerve to look at me as if I did something wrong. Makes you want to scream.

* Earlier this week, you read a few lines from our esteemed Editor Cal Bryant upon the occasion of his birthday. He gave his top 10 most memorable moments of his life

They were touching and even caused a reaction from my normally stoic wife when reading them.

Two things he didn’t mention however, but should be known by those reading his work, is that he is a multi-time honoree of the North Carolina Press Association and he is a member of the Chowan University Hall of Fame. Those are two distinct honors that he would never brag about, but are true nonetheless.

* While I am in no way a gun advocate or a hunter, I whole-heartedly support the efforts of the Tri-County Shooting Range and Gun Club to establish a shooting range in Bertie County.

I think it’s important for people to have a proper place to use their guns in a safe environment. The Bertie County Commissioners and Bertie County Sheriff should be commended for seeing the value of this happening.

* We’ve seen an increase of negative campaigns locally and I’m totally against it. I cringe when I see many of the national advertisements and to think they are making their way into elections in the Roanoke-Chowan makes me sad.

Campaigns should be about convincing voters why one candidate is good, not why another candidate is not. We should vote for people, not against.

* I haven’t been directly involved with Dr. Ed McFarlane over much of his tenure at Lawrence Academy, but have grown to respect him greatly. He is a man of honor and intelligence and Lawrence is a better place for his service.

Dr. Ed Clouse will do an excellent job leading the school and some of that will be due to the 18 months he had serving with Dr. McFarlane. It’s rare to find two such quality individuals at the top of any school. Lawrence should be proud.

Thadd White is Staff Writer and Sports Editor of the Roanoke-Chowan News-Herald. He can be reached via email at or by telephone at 332-7211.