Commissioners support Teen Court

Published 10:01 am Friday, June 25, 2010

WINDSOR – Bertie County has agreed to aid the Teen Court Program.

At their regular meeting held earlier this week, the Bertie County Commissioners agreed to become the administrative body of Bertie County Teen Court.

The Rev. Hoyt Cooper, who serves as chair of the Teen Court program, came before the board seeking help.

“We’re asking you to sort of adopt Teen Court,” he said. “Teen Court is a very important entity used to show teens that they must be responsible for their own actions.”

Rev. Cooper said the program also frees up judicial court cases by handling smaller matters in a program in which teens handle their own and require corrective action.

Commission Chairman Norman M. Cherry Sr. said he was familiar with the Teen Court program and supported its work.

“It takes young people who are headed in the wrong way and gives them an opportunity to get it corrected without a criminal record,” he said.

He asked Bertie County Manager Zee Lamb what steps the board could take.

“We would take over the administration and run it as one of our departments over the short term,” Lamb said. “They are working to gain the status they need to operate on their own.”

The manager said he did not recommend any charge for the service because the county was required to provide a match for the Teen Court grant and the administration of the program could be considered an in-kind match.

Commissioner Charles L. Smith moved to have the county administer the program with Commissioner J. Wallace Perry offering a second. The motion passed without objection.