Eure earns statewide award

Published 7:36 am Tuesday, June 22, 2010

AHOSKIE – Over the span of his adult life, Bobby Eure has worn many hats. However, it’s his latest line of work that may be the most rewarding.

In a ceremony held June 10 at the Embassy Suites in Cary, Eure was named as Manager of the Year during a ceremony hosted by Community Affordable Housing Equity Corporation (CAHEC). There were over 60 nominations from across the state for the award.

“Being from a small town such as Ahoskie, it’s an honor to receive this award for all of North Carolina,” said Eure, who manages the Ahoskie High School Apartments. “Knowing there were over 60 people in the running for this award, it makes me feel very honored and very humbled to be the one chosen.”

Another “humbling” side of Eure is to know that of all his life’s accomplishments, this marks the first time he has been signaled out for his work.

“I’ve never been awarded anything in my life, other than marrying my wife,” Eure noted. “I’ve always enjoyed helping people and never expected anything for it.”

On November 1, 2007, Eure began working part-time as the supportive services coordinator at the Ahoskie High School Apartments, a site which saw the efforts of CADA (Choanoke Area Development Association) turn a fast-decaying building into much-needed apartments, most of which are occupied by elderly residents.

A few months later, Eure was promoted to site manager, overseeing the entire apartment complex. He orchestrated all maintenance work (often doing the work himself) as well as planning all of the activities involving CAHEC’s Community Programs. Eure also arranges for additional events such as blood pressure checks, birthday celebrations, and site visits from local health fairs, Home Life Care, and the Ahoskie Fire Department. Additionally, he coordinates reunions of former Ahoskie High School graduates in the very building that he manages. Since opening, Eure has guided five AHS reunion groups on tours of the renovated building.

Hailed as an accomplished administrator, Eure’s love for his job really comes through when he talks about the residents of the apartments.

“Since I have been working at the apartments, the residents not only have become close friends to me, but they have also become family to me,” he said. “Since I still work closely with the Ahoskie Police Department, if there is any criminal activity in or around the apartment complex, I protect the residents as if they were my family.”

The feeling is mutual.

“We think the world of Mr. Eure,” said Vann and Mary Sessoms, a husband and wife residing at the Ahoskie High School Apartments. “He calls us ‘mom’ and ‘pop’ and we call him ‘son.’ He is a real nice man and treats everyone here the same.”

“I keep them laughing and they keep me going; it’s not just a job…it’s life,” Eure said.

Before taking the job at Ahoskie High School Apartments, Eure worked for the Ahoskie Police Department, from which he retired on July 1, 2004. Previously, he had worked 21 years at Union Camp Corporation as a Lab Technician and was also a volunteer for the Eure Volunteer Fire Department (a charter member). He was also a member of the Gates Rescue Squad and, after moving to Ahoskie in 1986, he joined the Ahoskie Rescue Squad. Additionally, Eure served as the HUD Officer with the Ahoskie Police Department, worked closely with the Ahoskie Housing Authority handling all the criminal investigations and reports. He became such close friends with the residents who lived in the apartment complexes that they were always eager to aid him when solving crimes in their neighborhoods.

Eure is very active in his church, attending Center Grove Baptist Church. He is also a member of the Ahoskie Chamber of Commerce where he helps with various community activities.

In addition to his civic activities, Eure is an avid golfer. He has been playing golf for over 30 years and looks forward to playing in all of the charity tournaments in the Ahoskie area. Being the “people person” his is, Eure always looks for ways to serve. For the past 15 years he has been custom-making golf clubs and he annually donates a set to one of the major charity organizations to raffle or auction as a fundraising tool.

A native of Gates County, Eure is the son of the now late Manley and Naomi Eure of Eure. He graduated in 1964 from Gates County High School where he played football and baseball.

On June 18, 1965, Eure married Alice Faye Pierce of Colerain. She passed away on March 31, 2005.

He has one son, John Eure, 37, of Colerain who works as a Heating and Air Conditioning mechanic at Perdue, Lewiston. He is also the grandfather of two, Christian Faye (10) and Noah (5).

“After the passing of my wife, my family, friends, co-workers, my church family and those I’ve served have brought me greater joy in all my endeavors,” Eure concluded. “Through it all, I have learned that no matter what job title I may have, or where I may become employed, caring for others is what matters the most to me. I feel like my wife is guiding me everyday and I dedicate this award to her.”

Created in 1992 to help finance the development of affordable rental housing in North Carolina, CAHEC today is a nonprofit regional equity syndicator headquartered in Raleigh.

The company’s territory has moved beyond North Carolina’s borders to encompass 10 southeastern and mid-Atlantic states plus the District of Columbia.

To date, CAHEC’s portfolio contains more than 13,000 units of housing. Its core business has also expanded from an exclusive focus on qualified low-income housing tax credit developments to include a variety of tax-credit preservation and community revitalization projects, such as the Ahoskie High School Apartments. That facility boasts of 41 apartments.