Chowan Grad School opens enrollment

Published 7:17 am Tuesday, June 22, 2010

MURFREESBORO – Enrollment for the Fall 2010 inaugural semester of Chowan’s new School of Graduate Studies program in Elementary Education is now officially underway, and students are already lining up for a chance to earn their Master’s Degree diplomas.

“By earning a Master’s Degree in Education, teachers can be better prepared to teach students in the 21st century,” explained Chowan’s Dean of the School of Education Dr. Brenda Tinkham. “A Master’s Degree in Elementary Education provides present and future teachers with a better understanding of the teaching methods and skills required to teach in grades Kindergarten through 6th.”

The professional growth associated with achieving a Master’s level education will allow teachers to stand apart and rise in recognition over their colleagues who lack the additional degrees, and in most cases even allows them to receive a higher salary as well.

“My degree will help me professionally by giving me insight that most teachers my age would not normally have, allowing me to help students at a better level and even share my knowledge with fellow teachers,” said Chowan’s very first enrolled graduate student, Bethany Savage of Suffolk, VA. “Also, having this degree will increase my pay grade by a minimum in most places of $3-5,000.”

But Savage, who has plans to become a principal one day, agrees the most important aspect of advancing her education will be seen in the eyes of her students.

“I want to be able to make someone’s day, each and every day,” said Savage, who wants to be one of those teachers her students will never forget. “I love the look on a child’s face when the lightbulb finally clicks on, and their faces shine with confidence.”

Teachers in elementary schools throughout the nation play an invaluable role in young people’s academic, social and emotional development – having a lasting impact on their futures. By enrolling in Chowan’s School of Graduate Studies Elementary Education program, teachers will study side-by-side with other adults who share that same level of passion for the job.

“By learning with other adults, we will be able to share personal experiences to use as examples to help us see how others would conduct themselves in a given situation presented in the day-to-day classroom,” Savage explained, speaking of the 21st Century educational strategies she will learn through a more interactive and dynamic adult learning environment. “It will also give me friends in the teaching profession to call on when I have a problem with a lesson or have a hard time coming up with ideas for lessons.”

Having an impact on the future through teaching elementary students can be an exciting and challenging career. If you would like to learn more about how earning your Masters Degree from Chowan University can benefit you, contact Director of Admissions for Graduate Studies Shellie Saxby at (252) 398-6214 or