Bertie Board makes counteroffer

Published 9:55 am Monday, June 21, 2010

WINDSOR – Bertie County officials agreed earlier this month to make a counteroffer for the purchase of property.

At the regular meeting of the Bertie County Board of Commissioners, Tax Administrator Hosea Wilson informed board members there had been an offer to purchase property at 206 Chestnut Street in Aulander.

According to Wilson, a bid of $6,000 was received from Leroy Douglas to purchase the property which reverted to the county after foreclosure proceedings.

Wilson, however, said the Douglas had already purchased property on each side of the location from bank foreclosures. One property was purchased for $11,000 and another for $13,000.

“I think he has set the market value and obviously $6,000 would seem too low,” Wilson said.

He suggested the board make a counter offer of $12,000.

The property, which was foreclosed on in August of 2009, has a tax value of slightly less than $24,000.

Commissioner J. Wallace Perry asked if the counter offer were accepted, would the bid still go through a 10-day upset process and Wilson said it would.

Commissioner Rick Harrell moved to make the counteroffer and the motion passed by a unanimous vote.

The item will be discussed again tonight (Monday) at a meeting of the Bertie Commissioners.