Water line installation begins next week

Published 10:33 am Friday, June 18, 2010

AHOSKIE – Residents living in the newly annexed areas of Ahoskie will soon see the installation of town water lines in their respective neighborhoods.

According to Ahoskie Town Manager Tony Hammond, the initial phase of installation is scheduled to get underway next week. Hammond said the first area to receive the water lines will be NC 561 East between Georgia-Pacific and Holloman Lane.

“The contractor is in the process of mobilizing the materials and equipment,” Hammond said. “The work is scheduled to begin next Wednesday (June 23).”

The second area of water line installation, which may begin simultaneously with the NC 561 project, will be along the newly annexed Ahoskie-Cofield Road. That will include much of the area northeast of Malibu Drive to include Willoughby Road, Waldorf Lane, VIP and Lincoln Roads.

The third and fourth areas for construction will be NC 42 South and NC 561 West (Colonial Acres and Oriole Drive areas).

While those last two areas do not have an official start-up date, Hammond said the entire project is scheduled for completion over a 75-day time period.

“Barring any bad weather, we��re expecting the water lines to be completely installed by September 8,” Hammond said. “After the project is completed, the town will move into the areas and begin replacing all the old water meters with new state of the art radio reads.”

Hammond said many of the annexed homes are currently connected to the Hertford County Southern Water District. He said he has met with Hertford County officials to purchase those existing water lines.

Ahoskie will also install sewer lines to the newly annexed areas. Hammond said that work will not begin until sometimes early next year.

The town’s new wastewater treatment plant is scheduled to go on line in March of 2011.

Anyone having questions about the installation of the water lines can call the Ahoskie Town Hall at 332-5146.