McFarland retires; Clouse to lead in interim

Published 9:04 pm Friday, June 4, 2010

MERRY HILL – The most veteran of educators in the Roanoke-Chowan region is calling it a career.

Lawrence Academy Headmaster Dr. Ed McFarlane has announced his retirement after nearly 50 years in the business of educating children.

Dr. McFarlane, who had been retired for nearly a decade before agreeing to become Headmaster at Lawrence 18 months ago, said he enjoyed his time at the school, but was anxious to resume his retirement.

“I found that I thoroughly enjoyed being in a school environment again,” he said. “Lawrence Academy has a very nice school community. The people volunteer a lot of time and energy here.

“The students have been just a grand group of students,” he continued. “This has been a fulfilling experience.”

Despite enjoying the job, Dr. McFarlane has plans that are leading him into retirement.

“At the age of 70, I have lots of things I want to do with our family and some writing I want to do,” he said. “I’m leaving for individual, maybe even selfish reasons. I have no idea how many years I have on this earth, but I’m going to use the remaining time to do those things.”

Allen Castelloe, who serves as the Chairman of the Lawrence Academy Board, said Dr. McFarlane had been an asset to the school.

“Ed McFarlane has been tremendous for Lawrence Academy,” he said. “We wish him nothing but the best in his endeavors. We hope he has a long and happy retirement.”

When Dr. McFarlane’s retirement becomes official on June 30, a familiar face will step into the lead educational role at Lawrence. Dr. Ed Clouse, who has served as Assistant Headmaster for the past three years, will become Interim Headmaster.

“We’re excited about the possibility of a new Headmaster leading the school into the future,” Castelloe said. “The board is also confident in Ed Clouse’s ability to lead the school in the interim.”

For his part, Dr. Clouse said he is excited about the opportunity and thankful for the board’s faith in his ability.

“I think it’s a great opportunity,” Dr. Clouse said. “I feel privileged the board feels I can do the job and follow in the footsteps of Dr. McFarlane.

“Under Dr. McFarlane’s leadership, we have made many strides and I plan to continue the vision he has set forth,” he added.

Castelloe said the future of the school would be the same as the past, offering a quality educational choice.

“Lawrence Academy has offered a quality educational option for parents and students in Chowan, Washington, Tyrell, Bertie, Martin and Hertford counties for the past 40 years,” he said. “We will continue doing just that.”