Diploma holds key to the future

Published 9:08 pm Friday, June 4, 2010

The gateway to the world has opened or will open soon for hundreds of high school graduates here in the Roanoke-Chowan area.

A few of our local high schools have already conducted their 2010 graduation commencement ceremonies; others will do so this weekend or next.

Whatever the case, all those who officially turn a tassel at such an event receive perhaps the most important document in life – a high school diploma. While it doesn’t resemble one, a diploma is a key that unlocks many doors. It acts as a gateway as a child enters adulthood.

A high school graduate can either immediately choose to enter the workplace, continue to further their education or a military career. Whatever road they choose, no one can take away the fact that they have crossed one huge hurdle in their lives – the fact that they’ve stayed the course for 12 years and earned the right to be called a high school graduate.

A high school graduate also acts as an inspiration for others. Underclassmen at our local schools can attend a graduation ceremony and see and feel for themselves the importance of the occasion. They are next in line, following their former classmates into adulthood. They will know if those classmates can reach the finish line, so can others.

On the other hand, a high school graduation is a bittersweet time for the family of those earning a diploma. While parents stand proud to see their child graduate, they also realize the time has arrived to see that child leave the proverbial “cocoon” and tackle the world.

We offer our congratulations and wish future success to each and every high school graduate in Bertie, Gates, Hertford and Northampton counties. In the same breath, we thank our local teachers and educational administrators for helping to guide the Class of 2010 to this point.