Bertie track has successful season

Published 11:35 am Saturday, May 22, 2010

WINDSOR – Bertie High School’s track team had a stellar 2010 season.

The Falcons won six of their seven matches during the regular season before finishing second in the Northeastern Coastal Conference meet.

“We had an outstanding season,” veteran BHS Boy’s Track Coach Marvin Rankins. “We’ve had better seasons overall, but when you have young kids like we did this year, it makes it a great season.”

The coach said his team was a joy to coach.

“I really enjoyed working with the kids this season,” he said. “I had so much fun with this team. If we all come back like we should, we’re in a position to have a great season in 2011.”

Junior Corbin Rascoe was one of the outstanding runners for the Falcons. He was named the team’s Most Valuable Player after competing in the 100 meter run, the 4×100 relay and the 4×200 relay.

“It felt great to have a season like we did this year,” Rascoe said.

Rascoe’s highlight of the season came in a home meet where had finished the 100 meter dash in 10.7 seconds.

The Most Outstanding Runner for the Falcons was another junior, in Desman Askew. He competed in the same events and also had an excellent season.

“I feel bad that we came in second in the conference, but I know I have one more year,” Askew said.

During the season, Askew finished second in the conference in the 100 meter dash and then placed first with the rest of the 4×100 relay team and the 4×200 relay team.

“It was the first time I was able to run a 10.8 and a 10.9 in the 100 meter dash,” he said.

Rankins chose junior Darius Moody as his Best All-Around Track Athlete.

He competed in the 200 meter dash, the 4×100 relay, the 4×200 relay, the 4×400 relay and the long jump.

“This season was special because it was the last time I’ll run with this year’s senior and because it was fun,” Moody said.

He said his best event was coming in second in the 200 meter dash with a personal best of 22.8 seconds at the Northeastern Coastal Conference meet.

Donte Barnes was chosen as the Best Field Athlete. The junior threw the shot put for the Falcons. Keyonti Francis, another junior was chosen Most Improved after throwing the discuss while senior Lamar Watford was recognized for his work with the Coach’s Award for Rankins.

Tyler Smallwood, a senior for the Falcons, also had an excellent season running in the 200 meter dash, the 4×100 relay and the 4×200 relay.

“This track season was great,” Smallwood said. “We had a very good year and did well as a team.”

Rankins said his team had an excellent season because of their ability to come together as one unit.

“The closeness – cohesiveness even – of the kids made this an excellent season,” Rankins said. “We didn’t start off that great, but we worked hard.

“These kids really wanted to learn,” the coach continued. “They were willing to do whatever I asked them to get better.”

Rankins has been coaching the Falcons’ track team for 26 years and said the group was one of the best to coach because of their willingness to learn.

“Coaching this group was special,” he said. “It was just so exciting to see them when they learned something and got excited themselves.”

The Bertie Boy’s Track Team had 47 members this spring and has been a strong part of the school’s spring plans for more than three decades.

“Track is one of those sports that can dwindle if you don’t make it a priority,” Rankins said. “I think one of my biggest successes is that I talk up the sport and keep it in their minds all year. I try to promote the sport constantly.”

Overall, the Falcons won six of seven regular season starts. Their only setback was a third place finish at Kinston early this season. At that meet, the Falcons finished behind Kinston and J.H. Rose.