Perry captures Primary victory

Published 10:30 am Thursday, May 6, 2010

WINDSOR – Bertie County Democrats have given the nod to incumbent Commissioner J. Wallace Perry to represent the party in November’s General Election.

In Tuesday’s Primary, Perry received 52.3 percent of the vote in defeating the challenges of Curtis E. Bryan (43.4 percent) and Lenton Brown (4.3 percent).

Perry now advances to the November General Election against Republican Harvey D. Ginn.

A three-term incumbent Democrat, Perry said he was pleased to be chosen by the citizens of Bertie County.

“It feels great that the people have shown their confidence in me to allow me to win another primary,” Perry said.

He said he believed the vote came down to a positive feeling about Bertie County’s government.

“I think they like the way the government is operated now,” he said.

Perry was named by 1,777 voters while Bryan was chosen on 1,473 ballots. Brown was a distant third with 147 votes.

Overall, Perry captured seven of the 12 precincts in Bertie County as well as winning in both One-Stop Voting and the absentee ballots.

White’s Precinct supported Perry with 147 votes to 37 for Bryan and just nine for Brown. Roxobel was also a big supporter of Perry, choosing him on 152 ballots compared to 66 for Bryan and 10 for Brown.

Perry also won in Merry Hill (108-33-3), Colerain I (104-53-9), Mitchells I (75-37-5), Mitchells II (85-77-5) and Windsor II (97-46-12). Brown finished with the lowest total in each of those precincts.

In One-Stop voting, Perry received 510 votes while Bryan got 287 and Brown received 48.

Bryan’s biggest victories came in the Indian Woods precinct where he was tabbed on 68 ballots compared to only 10 for Perry and three for Brown and Windsor I where he garnered the support of 286 voters to 220 for Perry and a dozen for Brown. He also won Colerain II (180-134-8), SnakeBite (98-46-7) and Woodville (99-75-10).

Brown’s largest vote total came in Windsor I and Windsor II, each of which he gained 12 votes.