Butterfield, Woolard will decide Congressional race

Published 10:28 am Thursday, May 6, 2010

Incumbent Democratic Congressman G.K. Butterfield will go head to head with Republican Ashley Woolard for the United States House of Representatives District 1 seat in November.

On Tuesday, unofficial results showed Butterfield had won the Democratic ticket with more than 72 percent (46,059) of the votes over challenger Chad Larkins, who earned 27 percent (17,184) of the votes.

Congressional district one consists of 23 counties, including Hertford, Northampton, Bertie and Gates counties.

Butterfield swept the Roanoke-Chowan region, earning more than 70 percent of votes in each of the four counties over Larkins.

Bertie County showed the most support for Butterfield who received 2,529 votes (79 percent) over Larkins’ 662 votes.

In Hertford County, Butterfield earned 1,739 votes (77 percent) while Larkins received 494 votes.

Northampton County saw 2,913 votes (73 percent) for Butterfield and 1,059 for Larkins.

Butterfield earned 1,169 votes (74 percent) in Gates County while Larkins received 409.

On the other side of the political coin, Ashley Woolard edged out three other candidates for the Republican ticket for Congressional District 1.

Woolard received 3,757 (45 percent) votes from the 23 counties over candidates Jerry Grimes with 2,209, Jim Miller with 1,245 and John Carter with 1,091 votes.

Republican voters in Hertford, Northampton and Bertie counties favored Woolard at the polls.

In Hertford County, Woolard received 68 votes (35 percent) while Grimes earned 49, Miller with 46 and Carter with 31 votes.

Northampton County saw 93 votes for Woolard, 52 for Miller, 51 for Carter and 26 for Grimes.

Bertie brought in 106 votes for Woolard, 66 for Grimes, 32 for Carter and 23 for Miller.

Meanwhile, the majority of Gates County Republicans favored Miller who received the most votes with 42. Woolard and Carter trailed with 36 and 35 votes, respectively, and Grimes earned 18 votes.

For the United States Senate race, incumbent Republican Richard Burr advanced to November’s General Election where he will face a yet to be determined opponent.

Burr won the Republican ticket with a landslide 80 percent of the votes cast statewide. Candidate Brad Jones came in second with 10 percent of the votes, Eddie Burks with nearly six percent and Larry Linney with almost four percent of the votes.

For the Democratic Party, Elaine Marshall topped the field with 36 percent of the votes, but fell short in gaining the required 40 percent. Marshall was followed by Cal Cunningham with 27 percent of votes, Ken Lewis with 17 percent, Marcus Williams with eight percent, Susan Harris with nearly seven percent and Ann Worthy with almost four percent of the votes.

Marshall and Cunningham will now face each other in a Primary run-off set for June 22.