Because we care

Published 9:27 am Thursday, April 29, 2010

To the average passer-by, the Roanoke-Chowan area may appear to lacking in excitement. Basically, all we are to non-natives is a bump in the road on their way to the ‘Carolina beaches.

But, as proven time and time again, never judge a book by its cover.

While it’s true we are not blessed with an abundance of glitz and glamour, what is lacking in that department is covered by heart…miles and miles of heart.

Like most rural communities, where its inhabitants truly care for one another and a place where nothing is taken for granted, we rally around each other. When someone is down on their luck or facing a costly medical procedure, ten times out of ten we are there to offer support.

Case-in-point is the 2010 Hertford-Gates Relay for Life. One may ponder how on Earth can two tiny counties, with a combined population that is less than a single neighborhood in a large city, generate nearly one quarter of one million dollars to aid in the fight against cancer?

The answer is listed two paragraphs earlier. It’s because we care for the well-being of others…we mourn the loss of those who have lost their battle vs. cancer; we celebrate when an individual stares this disease in the face and survives.

We commend every individual, church group, classroom, civic club and business for making a donation to Hertford-Gates Relay for Life. It makes no difference whether that donation was a nickel pulled from the pocket of a school student or a $5,000 corporate donation. Every cent goes to cancer research and education. It also aids programs offered to help cancer survivors live their everyday lives.

We also offer our commendation and congratulations to the local Relay for Life Committee members for their hard work and dedication to pull off yet another successful event.