Gatling is wise choice

Published 9:05 am Thursday, April 15, 2010

While we still mourn the sudden loss of one of Hertford County’s greatest leaders, the time has come to take action in filling the Board of Commissioners’ seat formerly held by DuPont Davis.

There is no doubt that Hertford County government has not missed a beat, serving its citizens in all aspects since March 25 (the date of Davis’ unexpected death). If he were here today, either as a leader or a private citizen, Mr. Davis would fully expect nothing less than “full steam ahead” for local government.

The chore of approving a replacement falls on the shoulders of the four remaining commissioners. By law, they are required to act within 60 days of the seat becoming vacant.

Also playing a role in this particular action is the Hertford County Democratic Party. They have the opportunity to suggest the name of an individual for the commissioners to possibly appoint. Whether or not the commissioners accept that suggestion, it is the Party’s right to place the name of an individual on the November ballot. That candidate, if successful in the voting process, will fill out the remaining two years on Davis’ four-year term.

With those two political processes in mind, we would like to see the commissioners and the Party support Ronald Gatling.

We strongly feel that Gatling, who served 12 years on the Ahoskie Town Council and is currently a member of the Roanoke-Chowan Community College Board of Trustees, is well-prepared to take his political career to the next level. Through his leadership roles on both of those public boards he has forged political allies beyond Hertford County’s borders, a critical element in which to build the county’s future.

Replacing a legend is a tall task. We feel that Ronald Gatling, with his track record as a proven leader and a man with strong family values, is up to that challenge.