Cremains discovered in Bertie Co.

Published 12:52 pm Saturday, April 10, 2010

WINDSOR – The Bertie County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a bizarre set of circumstances.

According to Bertie County Sheriff John Holley, a hunter on Cooper Hill Road found a paper box on his property. Inside the box, he found a plastic container with cremains, which are the ashes that remain after a body is cremated.

Sheriff Holley said he had spoken with a family member of the deceased and that the family member is perplexed as to how the cremains came to be in Bertie County.

The deceased was originally from Bertie County, according to Sheriff Holley, but his funeral was held in Pennsylvania.

“We’re moving forward with the investigation, but I would like to hear from anyone who has information about the cremains,” Sheriff Holley said. “They can call me directly.”

Sheriff Holley said the investigation into the incident is on-going and encouraged anyone with information to contact him at 724-1681.