Victims bilked of $80,000+

Published 8:54 am Tuesday, March 30, 2010

WINDSOR – A Windsor woman with an apparent past history of financial fraud found herself in trouble again this past weekend.

Regina Peele, 46 of 1006 Robert Street, was charged Saturday with two felony counts of obtaining property by false pretense. She was placed under a $50,000 bond and posted that amount the same day.

According to the arresting officer, Sgt. Ricky Morris of the Windsor Police Department, Peele presented herself as a representative of Credit Solutions Inc.

“She was telling people, namely the victims in this case, if they invested money with her they would receive a 10 percent gain within three months,” Sgt. Morris said. “In this case the victims invested money with Ms. Peele and after the three month period she advised their money had gained the interest and they should roll the same over to make more money.”

Sgt. Morris continued, “The victims rolled the money over and made an additional investment. After the victims rolled the money over several times the victims then wanted their money. Ms. Peele advised them they could not receive it at that time. The victims asked for their money several times and within almost a year they only received a small portion of their original investment.”

Morris said the original investment was in excess of $80,000.

Saturday’s arrest wasn’t the first time Peele has faced charges for financial-related crimes.

On Sept. 21 of last year, the Greenville Police Department arrested and charged Peele with four felony counts of obtaining property by false pretense and three felony counts of worthless checks. In those cases she was placed under a combined $50,000 bond.

“In the case involving Greenville PD, Ms. Peele worked for a bank and contacted a customer of the bank about making an investment with her company,” Morris said. “In that matter the investment lost was in excess of $500,000.”

Morris assisted the Greenville Police in making the 2009 arrest of Peele. He said the victims in the Greenville case were also promised by Peele of a 10 percent return on their original investment.

“All these investments and interest owed were in writing,” Morris noted.

He added that Credit Solutions, Inc. is a firm that offers mortgage and credit advice.

Peele is also the owner of Reclamation Family Services, which is contracted through Bertie County Public Schools as an alternative school. She also is the owner of a group home in Bertie County.