Help parents help their children

Published 12:31 pm Saturday, March 13, 2010

Politicians, parents, educators, business leaders and every other segment of our society have put great stock in the rallying cry, “The Children Are Our Future.”

Despite these rallying cries, children these days are in crisis.

Professional studies show that children are experiencing profound behavioral problems has increased dramatically over the past 25 years. Likewise, the number of children on medication for behavioral problems is growing at an alarming rate.

Some of these increases may be due to better diagnosis and better medical care, but these numbers show that our children in the midst of crisis.

Poverty and more children being raised in single-family homes were cited as contributing to the alarming increase of children having emotional problems – problems that often manifest themselves at school as behavioral problems.

While stress-related problems such as marital break-ups and drug and alcohol abuses by parents are contributing factors to a child’s behavioral problems, one of the key issues is that too many young parents are unprepared to meet the nurturing needs of their children.

Most of these young parents love their children, but simply can’t handle the early discipline that must go along with the hugs they offer. Often, when the children become unruly and disruptive, even the hugs stop.

In some cases, parents think that educators at public/private schools can solve these behavioral problems. However, schools are geared to provide an academic education, not the life-building emotional stability children require.

No matter how much funding is tossed into educational programs, if the children are not equipped emotionally to learn, the money will be wasted.

If we really care about our children, we need to find a way to better reach these parents and offer them the helping hand they need to effectively raise their children.