Good job, Hertford County

Published 8:54 am Thursday, March 4, 2010

The citizens of Hertford County made a wise decision Tuesday.

More than 1,200 people went to the polls and a vast majority of that group supported the efforts of the Hertford County Commissioners to raise the state sales tax by one-quarter of one penny.

The unofficial final margin was 1,104 in favor and just 161 opposed to the measure.

The passage of the referendum means that everyone who shops in Hertford County will now help foot the bill for capital projects in the county. Those capital projects – specifically the construction of a new courthouse – are long past due and needed.

The simple fact of the matter is that with a seven and three-quarters cent sales tax already enacted, people who shopped in Hertford County were already paying the tax. Now that money will benefit Hertford County.

It is hard at any time for citizens to vote themselves a tax increase, even though they may already be coughing up that money anyway. It took intelligence and guts on the part of citizens in Hertford County to spread out the taxes rather than dumping everything on those who are property owners.

We also commend the Hertford County Commissioners who went out and talked to citizens and explained the benefits of the slight tax increase. They did an outstanding job of answering the questions asked by the electorate.

Had it not been for the hard work of those who understood the issue and shared their information, Tuesday’s results may not have been as favorable.