Filing deadline is Friday

Published 10:47 am Thursday, February 25, 2010

Filing closes 12 noon Friday in counties throughout North Carolina.

While filing lasts another two days, races continue to develop throughout the state and region.

One local race in Northampton County now will see three people vying for the officer of retiring Clerk of Superior Court V. Michelle Spruill. Two Democrats and one Republican are now vying for the seat.

Already two Democrats had filed to replace Spruill with Laquitta Cooper of Seaboard and Shelby Ricks of Conway seeking the seat. Earlier this week, Republican Caroline Long of Garysburg joined the race.

Unless another candidate files, Long will move directly to the November general election while Cooper and Ricks will meet in the Democratic primary in May.

Gates County has also seen more developments in filing as Commissioner Carlton Nickens, who represents District 1, filed for office on Wednesday after previously having indicated he would not seek reelection.

Jack Owens, a Democrat, had already filed for the District 1 seat and will now face Nickens in the May primary. That winner will face Republican Jim Miller in the November election barring more filings.

Also, another Democrat has filed for commissioner against an incumbent. Current District 2 Commissioner Wade Askew has filed for reelection as a Democrat and will be opposed by John Hora in the May primary.

Already, District 3 Commissioner Kenneth Jernigan had filed for reelection. He will be opposed in the May primary by Marsha Langston, who he defeated four years ago.

Several statewide offices have also had additional candidates file in the last week.

U.S. Senator Richard Burr (R) of Winston-Salem has filed to seek reelection. He will be opposed in the Republican primary by Asheboro City Councilman Eddie Burks and Brad Jones of Lake Toxaway.

Whoever wins that race will face the winner of what is now a four-way race for the Democratic nomination for the seat. North Carolina Secretary of State Elaine Marshall filed for the office Monday. She joins a field that includes former North Carolina State Senator Cal Cunningham as well as Marcus Williams and Ken Lewis.

The Libertarian Party will likely be represented by Michael Beitler of Oak Ridge, who is the only candidate of his party to file and will move directly to the general election.

The United States House of Representative seat in District 1 is also likely to be highly contested at least on the Republican side. Thus far four challengers have thrown their hat in the ring. They include Ashley Woolard of Washington, Jerry Grimes of Goldsboro, John Carter of Wilson and Jim Miller of Kill Devil Hills.

Democratic incumbent G.K. Butterfield will also face a challenge in his own party as Chad Larks of Macon has filed for the seat.

All judicial seats in North Carolina are non-partisan and those candidates will meet in the November general election.

Those who have filed for office include; (I) denotes incumbent:

North Carolina:

U.S. Senate (D): Elaine Marshall, Marcus Williams, Ken Lewis, Cal Cunningham;

U.S. Senate (R): Richard Burr (I), Eddie Burks, Brad Jones;

U.S. Senate (L): Michael Beitler;

U.S. House District I (D): G.K. Butterfield (I), Chad Larkins;

U.S. House District I (R): Jerry Grimes, Ashley Woolard, John Carter, Jim Miller;

N.C. Senate District IV (D): Ed Jones (I), Tee Ferguson;

N.C. House District V (D): Annie W. Mobley (I);

N.C. House District XXVII (D): Michael H. Wray (I).

Judicial District 6B:

District Court Judge (Kwasikpui Seat): Alfred W. Kwasikpui (I), Thomas Jones Jr.;

District Court Judge (Lewis Seat): W. Rob Lewis II

District Attorney: Valerie Mitchell Asbell (I)

Bertie County:

Commissioner District 2 (D): Rick Harrell (I);

Commissioner District 3 (D): J. Wallace Perry (I);

Commissioner District 5 (D): Charles L. Smith (I);

Sheriff (D): John B. Holley Jr. (I); Eddie Graham;

Sheriff (R): Brian Knowles, D.W. Knox;

Clerk of Superior Court (D): John C.P. Tyler (I).

Hertford County:

Commissioner District 1 (D): Johnnie R. Farmer (I);

Commissioner District 2 (D): Curtis A. Freeman (I);

Sheriff (D): Juan Vaughan Sr. (I);

Clerk of Superior Court (D): Shirley Gatling Johnson (I).

Northampton County:

Commissioner District 3 (D): Chester J. Deloatch Sr. (I);

Commissioner District 4 (D): Robert V. Cater (I);

Commissioner District 4 (R): John Wood;

Commissioner District 5 (D): Fannie P. Greene (I), Terrence L. Boone;

Sheriff (D): Wardie P. Vincent Sr. (I);

Clerk of Superior Court (D): Laquitta G. Cooper, Shelby W. Ricks;

Clerk of Superior Court (R): Caroline M. Long;

Board of Education: Audrea Bennett, Grace Edwards (I), Ola H. Gathers, Donald B. Johnson (I).

Gates County:

Commissioner District 1 (D): Jack Owens, Carlton Nickens (I);

Commissioner District 1 (R): Jim Miller;

Commissioner District 2 (D): Wade Askew (I), John Hora;

Commissioner District 3 (D): Kenneth Jernigan (I), Marsha Langston

Sheriff (D): Ed Webb (I);

Clerk of Superior Court: Nell Wiggins (I);