Students learn the right lesson

Published 6:43 pm Saturday, February 20, 2010

It’s important that students learn how to be good citizens while in school.

While they certainly need to learn how to read, do math and recall history, it is equally important they learn how to live in the world.

Willis Hare Elementary School Principal Barbara Stephenson obviously knows the importance of teaching her students valuable lessons in civics. Recently, the school helped raise $1,000 to aid the victims of the earthquake in Haiti.

Stephenson said she was inspired by “seeing all those little faces” on the news coverage of the catastrophic event. She also said the students were excited about the project and about giving to those who are in need.

Such was the love students had for those who needed help that one student went in their pocket to donate the money they had for a snack.

Tiger Council Mayor Shaun Clark said the students helped because others were in need and because the tables could be turned one day.

That knowledge from such a young child shows promise for the future of Northampton County. It also shows that the teachers and administrators at Willis Hare are working hard to make their students well-rounded people.

We commend Stephenson, her staff, the students and the parents of Willis Hare for doing such an outstanding job.

The $1,000 raised will be of great help to someone in Haiti. What’s more is it speaks volumes about the students at Willis Hare and their leaders.