What’s your strategy?

Published 9:44 am Thursday, February 18, 2010

The “boo-birds” have begun circling overhead.

In Tuesday’s edition, a front page story – “Dance ordinance studied” – informed readers that Town of Ahoskie officials are proposing to create a new ordinance that regulates individuals or groups who lease/rent a facility to host a public dance.

The idea of creating such an ordinance has been on the Town Council’s back burner for a while. It was moved to the front of the line based upon the fact that two young Ahoskie men were shot following a Dec. 30 dance at the American Legion Building, a facility rented that night by a private individual in order to hold a public dance.

While both of the gunshot victims survived, it always seems to be the case that it takes a tragic event to spark a local movement that will hopefully ensure something of this nature never happens again.

But that’s not the major point here. Rather, it’s that the Ahoskie Town Council is proposing a new ordinance. On face value alone, that’s a commendable action as they seek ways to ensure the safety of the public, especially children and young adults.

This proposed ordinance is in no way an effort by Ahoskie officials to ban public dances. It’s their desire to see local citizens and visitors to Ahoskie enjoy themselves in a secure environment, whether that be at an entertainment venue or simply out on the street for a leisurely stroll.

A few posters on our web site have already taken Ahoskie Town Manager Tony Hammond to task over this proposed ordinance.

While we welcome constructive comments on our web site, here’s an idea for those in opposition to this ordinance…mark your calendar for 10 a.m. on Tuesday, March 9. Attend the council meeting on that date and let your voice be heard during a public hearing scheduled for this proposed ordinance. Perhaps you can devise a better strategy for protecting the public.