Windsor campground warrants further study

Published 9:03 am Tuesday, February 16, 2010

WINDSOR – A public campground will receive the attention of the Windsor Board of Commissioners in the coming months.

During last week’s meeting of the board, Commissioner Collins Cooper said there were issues with the campground, located on the north side of the Cashie River.

“I think we need to look at the regulations that were set up and the cost of staying there,” Cooper told the board. “It can be a revenue source.”

Cooper also said he didn’t think the campground was designed to be a permanent place of dwelling and that he believes that that has become the case in some instances.

He said the $50 per month fee plus utilities was too cheap as well and should be looked into.

Commissioner David Overton said when the campground was built, it was done so with the express condition that three or four of the spaces be left for those who are travelling through the area.

Cooper said that was exactly his concern because there had been instances when, as Director of the Windsor-Bertie County Chamber of Commerce, he was unable to accommodate people who wanted to stay there because of the number of permanent residents.

Overton said he didn’t think the rates at the campground had been changed since it was established, which he said was more than 10 years ago.

Commissioner Bob Brown said he would like to see some additional information on the subject, including the possibility of raising rates for permanent residents only if that was the main concern.

Town Administrator Allen Castelloe said the town would also look at the original regulations and see how many of the 11 plots were supposed to be held for use by those traveling through Windsor.

Brown said he did not want to encourage people to use the campground instead of local businesses and that he would be opposed to making that site more attractive than staying with a tax-paying business.

“You’re talking about two totally different clienteles,” Cooper said. “Those people who are going to want to use the campground are going to want to use the campground. They’ll be bringing their own camper and that will be the only type of overnight lodging they’ll be looking for. You’re not going to hurt the businesses.”

Brown said if that were the case, he’d be in support of the campground spaces being saved for those who were traveling.

The board agreed to have Castelloe look at the regulations and bring a proposal back for further discussion and possible action.