Snow amount varies in Bertie

Published 11:21 am Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Snowfall amounts varied throughout the large landmass that is Bertie County over the weekend.

“We received from three to four inches in the Merry Hill area to as much as seven or eight if you head over to Colerain or Aulander or those areas,” said Emergency Management Coordinator Rickey Freeman.

While the amount of snow may have varied, one thing that was the same throughout was safety. Freeman said he was pleased with the relative quietness of the weekend as far as emergency situations.

“Overall, it went pretty smoothly,” Freeman said. “We had no big accidents – a few fender-benders and that type of thing, but nothing major. No house fires were reported. It was a good weekend.”

Freeman credited the relative quiet of the weekend to most people showing restraint and staying in throughout the worst part of the storm and its aftermath.

“I believe people staying inside really helped with there being so few accidents,” Freeman said. “Most people it seemed stayed home and stayed off the roads, which is of course what they should have done.”

Freeman said the Bertie County offices opened on a two-hour delay Monday and schools were closed, which made it safer by the time people had to drive to work.

He also urged people to show caution this morning (Tuesday) as they head back to their place of work.

“Be careful, leave early and don’t rush,” Freeman said. “Your boss would rather have you at work a minute or two late than not at all. Be vigilant in driving and watching others.”

Bertie County Schools will remain closed today (Tuesday) because of the condition of the school campuses as well as the roadways.

“Our school campuses are pretty much iced over at this point,” said Assistant Superintendent of Schools Kenneth Perry. “Even if we could get our students there safely, the campuses are not safe because of the amount of ice.”

Perry said there was also concern about secondary roads and the water that would freeze on the roadways over night.

“We want to always be cautious with the safety of our students,” he said.