Upgrades eyed for Windsor cemeteries

Published 10:26 am Saturday, January 23, 2010

WINDSOR – A long-neglected part of town will be getting an upgrade soon.

“We haven’t done a lot recently in terms of taking care of our cemeteries,” said Windsor Commissioner Collins Cooper. “We’ll be working on that in the next few months.”

Cooper was charged by Windsor Mayor Jimmy Hoggard with making upgrades and improvements to Edgewood Cemetery and Hillcrest Cemetery.

“Actually, there’s more to do at Edgewood than at Hillcrest,” Cooper said. “Hillcrest is basically in good shape so we’ll be looking at adding things there such as a gazebo like the one at Edgewood.”

Cooper will be meeting with the newly formed cemetery committee, which will replace the committee designated for each site.

Some of the suggestions Cooper will be making includes the possibility of upgrading the entrances at Edgewood Cemetery, where there are major problems with the fencing.

“There are some bricks that have fallen out of the pillars at Edgewood and there are also some areas of fencing that has been damaged by falling branches and trees,” Cooper said. “We’ll be offering some options to the committee and giving them an opportunity to make some recommendations to the board.”

Cooper said there had been some complaints about the entrances at Edgewood because they are narrow and also because of the aesthetic appearance of the brick pillars.

“Some people have said they want to see the entrances at Edgewood made more aesthetically pleasing,” Cooper said. “They want to see it repaired and upgraded.”

An additional possibility for Edgewood is the addition of a mausoleum in the lower section of the back or new part of the cemetery.

“People will not buy the plots in that area because the ground is so low,” Cooper said. “It’s possible that if we add a mausoleum, that space could be used for those who may wish to be cremated.”

The committee will also review the guidelines for the two cemeteries.

“We have some instances in which our guidelines are being violated,” Cooper said. “We need to sit down and look at all of our guidelines and make sure they are still appropriate. If they are, then we need to have them followed.”

The cemetery committee is expected to meet before next month’s meeting of the Windsor Board of Commissioners.