Windsor okays sewer rehab

Published 10:34 am Tuesday, January 19, 2010

WINDSOR – Sewer rehabilitation will begin soon in one section of Windsor.

Last week the Windsor Board of Commissioners approved an $869,735 project that will allow for the repair of sewer lines, replacing manholes and rehabilitation of other manholes.

“We picked some of the worst spots in town,” Town Administrator Allen Castelloe told board members.

The work will begin on Granville Street in front of Martin Community College and continue down that road for approximately one-quarter mile to Mike Bryant’s Welding. The project will also encompass Sterlingworth Street from Granville to Watson Street.

Commissioner Joe Alexander asked how long the work would take and Castelloe said approximately six months if all went well.

The board approved the low bidder to begin work in the next month. Ormond Utilities of Kinston was the low bidder for $624,260. Other bids came from Southeast Pipe Survey Inc. ($722,235), Hendrix-Barnhill ($759,698), T.A. Loving & Company ($827,890) and Sun Land Builders Inc. ($842,392.50).

“We were fortunate in that the economy being what it is, the bids came in lower than we expected,” Castelloe said.

The money for the project is coming from three sources. A Community Development Block Grant for Community Revitalization will pay $490,475 of the work while the town also received a $300,960 grant from the Rural Center.

In addition, the town of Windsor has already spent $78,300 to prepare for the work to be done.

“Can we recoup any of the money we have spent,” Commissioner Bob Brown asked.

“Not from any of the grants that we have received,” Castelloe said. “We are working with the Clean Water Trust Fund to see if it is possible to get some of that money back from them.”

Commissioner David Overton moved to accept the low bidder and proceed with the project with Commissioner Collins Cooper offering a second. The motion passed without objection.