Stoplights bagged…for now

Published 10:59 am Monday, December 28, 2009

WINDSOR – Two intersections on Granville Street here are currently without stoplights.

One of those intersections – at Queen Street – will likely remain that way while the other is to be studied again by the North Carolina Department of Transportation (DOT).

“The state made the decision because Granville Street is a state highway,” Windsor Mayor Jimmy Hoggard said. “They decided to shut them (stoplights) down.”

The mayor added that while the town of Windsor doesn’t make the decisions about those stoplights, they have asked the DOT to reconsider removing the stoplight at the end of Sterlingworth Street where it intersects with Granville.

“I don’t think there’s any chance to get back the stoplight at Queen and Granville because the traffic count just isn’t there,” Mayor Hoggard said. “The state has agreed to study the light at Granville and Sterlingworth because we would like to have that one back.

“We can be convinced if their numbers are overwhelming,” he added. “Without seeing them, however, we believe we need the stoplight at the end of Sterlingworth Street.”

Currently, both stoplights have bags covering the stoplights. The signals were to be removed 90 days after being covered which would be sometime after the first of the year, but that was before the state agreed to take another look at the Sterlingworth/Granville stoplight.

Mayor Hoggard said the town has received some questions about the two lights, many of which were simply curiosity.

“People sometimes think we make those decisions, but we don’t,” he added. “We can make recommendations or ask, but that’s about it.”

The mayor said the town has requested DOT to consider placing a stoplight at the road that enters the Food Lion shopping center in Windsor from King Street. He said the state has agreed to take a look at it because of the traffic there, but will not do so until after the State Employees Credit Union moves into their new facility on U.S. 13. The Credit Union’s current office is located within the shopping center.