Audit shows N’hamp. Schools in good shape

Published 3:06 pm Thursday, December 10, 2009

JACKSON — Northampton County Schools will go into the New Year with a clean audit.

On Monday night, the Northampton County Board of Education heard the results of their annual independent financial audit from Michael White with Norris, Stewart, & Ralston, P.A. of Statesville. The report is an unqualified opinion.

According to White, the school district’s fund balance stands at $736,000 despite revenue from the state decreasing by roughly $100,000.

“You probably expected state cuts,” he said to the board.

White said with more cuts from the state pending, he expected by 2010, 2011 and 2012 for things to get even tighter.

One highlight White said was the increase of net assets by $3,000 in the Child Nutrition Program. However, there was a decrease of $130,000 in the School Food Service Fund, which comparative around the state is good.

White said, overall, the school district had a clean audit.

White noted two findings in the audit, one dealing with food service purchase orders being submitted before a purchase is made, which is a violation of general statute. He also found the utilization of Reading First Program administrative costs were exceeding the 3.5 percent limit.

White said he had brought those issues to the attention of Schools Finance Officer Joe Holloway to correct those.

The board commended the finance staff for their work.

Vice Chair Bill Little commended Schools Superintendent Dr. Eric Bracy and Holloway for the clean audit.

“You’ve done a wonderful job,” he said.