Greene, Hester assume control

Published 10:21 am Wednesday, December 9, 2009

JACKSON — There’s a new Chairwoman on the Northampton County Board of Commissioners.

On Monday, in a 3-2 vote, former commission Vice Chair Fannie Greene became the Chairwoman of the board while Commissioner James Hester was voted into the Vice Chair position.

Before nominations were taken for chair, Hester noted three years ago in the board’s retreat the commissioners discussed two years as the maximum each commissioner could serve as chair consecutively. That way each commissioner had the opportunity to experience the complete workings of the board.

“It doesn’t mean the commissioner (voted out of the office of chair) has done a bad job,” he said.

He said that if the board followed protocol there would be a new chair. Hester added that Chair Robert V. Carter had served the board well and had presented great ideas to the board.

County Attorney Charles Vaughan opened the floor for nominations for chair.

Commissioner Virginia Spruill said Carter has been a superb Chair and nominated him for the position.

Hester then offered the nomination of Greene as Chair.

The commissioners voted to close the nominations and Vaughan asked the board to vote for their desired nominee by raising their right hand.

Carter received two votes coming from himself and Spruill. Meanwhile, Greene received the majority with votes coming from Hester, Commissioner Chester Deloatch and herself.

Greene was declared Chair.

Vaughan then opened the floor for nominees for the office of Vice Chair.

Greene nominated Hester for the position and Spruill seconded the motion. Nominations were closed.

The board voted unanimously for Hester as Vice Chair.

As he relinquished his seat as Chair, Carter thanked the board for aiding him in his position.

“To the citizens, thank you for putting up with me,” he said. “I will continue to serve Northampton County as long as I can.”

He congratulated Greene and offer to aid and assist her in moving forward. He asked the board to continue the intern program that he initiated, which brings area students from both public and private schools to sit in on the board meetings.

Greene thanked the board for their vote of confidence.

“Thank you so much, even though I did not received 100 percent of the votes I hope we can unite as a board,” she said.

Greene added that she supports the intern program 100 percent.

Hester also thanked his colleagues for their votes.

“I appreciate the confidence you have shown,” he said. “I will try to do the best I can.”

In other news, Charles Vaughan was reappointed as County Attorney and Kimberly Turner will remain Clerk to the Board. The appointment of Assistant Clerk was postponed until the next meeting in January.