Deer carcasses dumped

Published 1:50 pm Sunday, November 15, 2009

MURFREESBORO — The onset of hunting season can often bring irresponsible acts of dumping of deer carcasses.

Just a few weeks into hunting season, evidence of illegal dumping of deer remains has been discovered here.

According to Murfreesboro Police Captain Chris Sumner, on Monday five to six deer carcasses were found at the old Royster Property.

A call from Town Code Enforcement Officer Gene Flowers notified the police department of the illegal dumping on the property located at the end of Hart Street.

Sumner said the town is now in the process of cleaning up the site. He added it appeared the remains had been dumped there over a period of time and not all at once.

He urged anyone witnessing illegal dumping of any kind to report it to the police department.

“It’s considered littering and it’s a health concern,” said Sumner.

Illegal dumping of deer carcasses can come with a hefty fine.

Hertford County Wildlife Officer Tim Wadsworth said that fine can be up to $2,000.

The regulation is published in the Wildlife Resources Commission’s Regulations Digest that is available for free at any designated hunting and fishing license agent. A copy of the publication is also on the commission’s Web site (

Wadsworth said the unsightly evidence of illegal dumping is a problem and one that is growing. He said discarded carcasses are often found in ditches, near bridges and streams and on dead end roads, like Hart Street.

“It’s actually becoming a bigger and bigger problem every year,” he said.

Wadsworth added the proper way of disposing of a deer carcass is taking it to property where you have permission to discard the remains.

Wadsworth said hunting clubs typically have a pit for their members to place animal carcasses.