Incumbents, write-in’s win in Northampton

Published 9:39 am Thursday, November 5, 2009

The unofficial municipal election results for Northampton County have write-in candidates taking an uncontested council seat in two towns.

According to the Northampton County Board of Elections, Conway and Lasker will have write-in candidates fill one of the vacant seats on their town boards.

In Conway, unofficial results show James Thomas Jillcott with the most write-in votes capturing an uncontested vacant seat on the council.

Each of the five seats on Conway Town Council were up for bids with four candidates listed officially on the ballot.

Board of Elections Director Susie Squire said 17 different individuals received write-ins, but Jillcott received the most with 42. In all there were 56 write-in votes (16.5 percent of total votes).

Incumbents Phil A. Matthews and Gail C. Wade secured their seats with the most votes, 73 each (21.5 percent). Another incumbent Alan C. Harris also secured his seat with 72 votes (21.2 percent) and Willie G. Simmons won his bid with 65 votes (19.1 percent).

Brian E. Bolton was re-elected as mayor with 67 votes (91.7 percent). There were six write-ins.

Only 16.23 percent of Conway’s registered voters participated in the election.

A similar situation also arose in Lasker where a write-in candidate will fill a vacant seat on the town board.

Although only nine write-ins (23 percent of votes) were submitted, an unofficial number showed a tight race between Charlie Mallory and Brenda Whitley. Mallory received the most with five write-ins while Whitley received four.

All three seats on the Lasker Town Council were up for bids with two incumbent candidates officially on the ballot. Both Charles M. Daughtry Jr. and Robin Gibson received 15 votes (38.4 percent), each securing their bids.

Dick Collier was re-elected as Mayor receiving 17 votes (100 percent of votes).

In all, 20.59 percent of Lasker’s registered voters participated in the election.

In Seaboard, write-in campaigns failed to unseat council incumbents William M. Gallimore and Edward Henderson.

Henderson received the most votes with 125 (24 percent) and Gallimore secured his seat with 114 (21.9 percent), respectively.

Danny Hines won his bid for Town Council receiving 113 votes (21.7 percent).

Unofficial numbers in Seaboard showed there were 168 write-ins (32.3 percent of votes). Squire said the person with the most was R.H. Gay Jr. with 57. Charles Barfield received 56 write-ins while Ruth Moss Bek received 54.

Bobie N. Moss won his bid for Mayor with 164 votes (94.3 percent). There were 10 write-ins for mayor.

In all, 38.09 percent of Seaboard’s registered voters participated.

In other municipality election news, Rich Square Mayor Peggy Risper won her re-election bid with 80 votes (97.5 percent).

Meanwhile, all five Rich Square Town Council incumbents won their bid with Linwood C. Bryant garnering the most votes with 87 (21.6 percent). Joyel D. Vick received the second most votes with 84 (20.9 percent) followed by Raymond Joyner with 79 (19.6 percent), Charles M. Eason with 77 (19.1 percent) and Reginald White with 71 votes (17.6 percent).

Total voter turnout for the Rich Square election was listed as 12.21 percent.

In Severn, Mayoral incumbent George H. McGee won his bid with 35 votes (100 percent).

All five Severn Town Council incumbents also won their re-election bids uncontested.

Eloise P. Martin received the most votes with 33 (21.5 percent) followed by Troy Holloman with 32 votes (20.9 percent), Franklin L. Ferguson with 31 (20.2 percent), Royal P. Watson Jr. with 30 (19.6 percent) and Harold L. Garris with 27 votes (17.6 percent).

Only 18.58 percent of Severn’s registered voters participated.

In Woodland, Town Council incumbents Les Clark and David L. Cooper won their bids uncontested with 25 votes each.

In Jackson, all three Town Council incumbents also won their bids uncontested.

Mary Ann Crawley received the most votes with 41 (34.4 percent) followed by Karin J. Clements with 40 (33.6 percent) and James W. “Dock” Boone Jr. with 37 (31 percent).

Only 8.47 percent of Jackson’s registered voters turned out for the election.

In Garysburg, Mayoral incumbent Roy L. Bell won his seat uncontested receiving 72 votes (100 percent).

All five Town Council incumbent won their re-election bids uncontested as well.

Lola Ausby received the most votes with 72 (20.4 percent) followed by Jearline V. Brown with 71 (20.1 percent). James M. Mayo, Darryl W. Whittle and Iris F. Williams each received 70 votes (19.8 percent).

Voter turn out was once again low with 8.71 percent of Garysburg’s registered voters participating.

A race for Gaston Town Council saw an incumbent win her bid for re-election and a newcomer secure a spot on the board as well.

Incumbent Louise M. Bailey secured her bid with 76 votes (40.4 percent). Meanwhile, newcomer Donald E. Dixon won a seat on the board with 75 votes (39.8 percent). Della L. Johnson lost her bid with 34 votes (18 percent).

Tim Andrews won his bid for Mayor uncontested with 79 votes (91.8 percent).

Only 12.87 percent of Gaston’s registered voters turned out for the election.

A race for three seats in the Roanoke Rapids Sanitary District saw James “Jim” Bailey, Paul Heaton Jr. and Jim Garrett successful with their bids.

Bailey received the most votes with 66 (27.7 percent) followed by Heaton with 65 (27.3 percent) and Garrett with 47 (19.75 percent.

Gene St. Clair and David Shaffer lost their bids. St. Clair received 33 votes (13.8 percent) while Shaffer received 26 (10.9 percent).