Bertie booze hangs on provisional votes

Published 9:41 am Thursday, November 5, 2009

WINDSOR – Unofficial tallies leave the future of the Bertie County Mixed Beverage referendum in doubt.

Currently, the measure has 686 votes against and 673 votes in favor in unofficial results. There are, however, 25 provisional ballots still to be researched by the Bertie County Board of Elections. Those that qualify will then be counted on Friday.

The voting tabulations were back-and-forth all evening after the polls closed at 7:30 p.m. With 11 of 12 precincts reporting, those favoring mixed drinks were 14 votes in front of those in opposition. However, the final precinct to report swung the tide back in favor of those opposed to the measure.


The key municipal race in Bertie County came in the town of Aulander where eight candidates were vying for three commissioner spots. Incumbent Dennis B. Wilder was the highest vote-getter with 147 followed by political newcomer Jason Tinkham with 143 ballots cast in his favor. The final spot went to incumbent Mary Jane Tayloe with 129 votes.

Finishing fourth was Robin Maxham Bland with 87 votes followed by Henry J. Ingram with 76 votes. Next in line were Larry Cooke Jr. (60), Joe R. Jernigan Sr. (46) and Kimsey Myers (46).


The town of Kelford had just four candidates for five seats on the town board, but the current makeup of the council will stay intact.

Tim Emory, who was appointed to a vacant seat on the board, was named on three of 10 write-in ballots to become the fifth-highest vote getter. Incumbent commissioners James H. Bland Jr. (21), Wayne Bland (24), Frank Harris (24) and Tierce (Bull) Ruffin (24) were also reelected.

Finishing next in the write-in were Tommy Harrell, Linda Hathaway and Doug Spivey with two votes each.

Incumbent Mayor Bailey N. Parker was also reelected with 28 votes.


Incumbent Roxobel Mayor Gary Johnson fended off a challenge from Town Commissioner H.C. Boschen during Tuesday’s election. Johnson received 74 votes while Boschen was named on 35 ballots. There were no write-ins.

In the town commissioner race, the four declared candidates were elected despite a strong write-in campaign for former Commissioner Manuel Joyner.

Incumbent commissioner Carroll Minton (76 votes) will be joined on the board by David L. Baisey (58), Harry Culver (60) and Stanley Harrell (56). Joyner was named on 36 write-in ballots while Robert Phelps was tabbed by 29 voters.


Two new commissioners will take office in the town of Windsor after Tuesday’s election. Former Windsor Town Administrator David Overton and businessman Joe Alexander were elected to the board. Overton received 334 votes to 284 for Alexander. Clyde Anders was a distant third with 57 votes.

Current Commissioner Jimmy Hoggard was elected Mayor with 361 votes. Hoggard ran unopposed.

“First of all, I would like to thank those who participated and voted for me,” Hoggard said. “I also want to thank (retiring) Mayor (Bob) Spivey and the current board. They are leaving us in good financial shape and with good town employees. We have a lot to live up to.

“Also, I want to offer my congratulations to David Overton and Joe Alexander on their election to the town board,” he added. “I look forward to working with all of the commissioners.”

Hoggard said his first goal would be to work toward more economic development.


In Colerain, Bob Kaylor unseated incumbent commissioner Carroll Northcott in a race for the town board. Kaylor received 26 votes, making him the second-highest vote-getter in a three-person race. Also elected were incumbents Bill Harrell (34) and Duncan Hughes (23). Northcott finished fourth with 16 votes.

Remainder of Bertie County

There were no competitive races in Askewville, Lewiston-Woodville or Powellsville on Tuesday.

In Askewville, Mayor John Pierce received 44 votes in his reelection campaign. Three incumbent commissioners were also reelected. They were Rodney Thomas (41), Mike Baker (39) and Kay W. Brantley (35).

In Lewiston-Woodville, Carolyn Jernigan received 44 votes in her bid to fill the unexpired term for At-Large Councilman in Lewiston Woodville. She ran unopposed.

Mayor Carl Lee was reelected with 43 votes while two other commissioners retained their seats. Lewiston District representative Dayle J. Vaughan received 38 votes while Woodville District representative Martha Thompson tallied 34 votes.

Powellsville Mayor Thomas Asbell was reelected with 35 votes during Tuesday’s voting.

Two incumbent commissioners – James Peele and J.T. Watford – were also reelected. Peele had 27 votes and Watford 36. Newcomer Carlyle Hoggard received 24 votes to take the third seat.

Current commissioner Ernie Carter received 11 of 13 write-in votes that were cast in the town.