Municipal election is Tuesday

Published 5:45 pm Sunday, November 1, 2009

Municipal elections are on tap for Tuesday throughout the Roanoke-Chowan region and the state of North Carolina.

There will be races for Mayor and Town Council throughout Bertie, Hertford and Northampton.

Polling places will be open from 6:30 a.m. until 7:30 p.m.

The following is a listing of the candidates in the towns and the position for which they filed. (I) denotes incumbent.

Filings in Bertie County include:

Askewville – Mayor: John W. Pierce (I); Town Council: Mike Baker (I), Kay Brantley (I) and Rodney Thomas (I).

Aulander – Town Council: Robin M. Bland, Larry Cooke Jr., Henry J. Ingram, Joe Jernigan Sr., Kimsey Myers, Mary Jane Tayloe (I), Jason W. Tinkham, Dennis B. Wilder (I);

Colerain – Town Council: Bill Harrell (I), Duncan Hughes (I), Bob Kaylor, Carroll Northcott (I);

Kelford – Mayor: Bailey Parker (I); Town Council: James Bland Jr. (I), Wayne Bland (I), Frank Harris (I), Tierce Ruffin (I);

Lewiston Woodville – Mayor: Carl A. Lee (I); Town Council Woodville District: Martha J. Thompson (I); Town Council Lewiston District: Dayle Vaughan (I); Town Council At-Large: Carolyn Jernigan. The At-large seat is vacant and filing is for the unexpired term ending 2011;

Powellsville – Mayor: Thomas Asbell (I); Town Council: Carlyle Hoggard, James Peele (I), J.T. Watford (I);

Roxobel – Mayor: H.C. Boschen, Gary Johnson (I); Town Council: David Baisey, Harry Culver, Stanley Harrell, Carroll Minton (I);

Windsor – Mayor: Jimmy Hoggard; Town Council: Joe Alexander, Clyde Anders, David Overton.

Filings in Hertford County include:

Ahoskie – *Mayor: Linda L. Blackburn (I); Town Council Ward A: C. Malcolm Copeland (I), Jimmie Rowe; Town Council Ward B: Ronald J. Gatling (I), Winfred Hardy Jr.; Town Council At-Large: O.S. “Buck” Suiter Jr. (I);

Cofield – Mayor: Hermea Pugh Sr. (I); Town Council: Anthony Archer (I), Nettie Combo Brickers (I), Stephen Lassiter (I), Darrell Partlow (I), Hermea Pugh Jr.;

Como – Mayor: Irvin L. Stephens (I); Town Council: Susan White Kennington (I), Kevin Higbee (I), Ann E. Spruill (I) and Stephen Frank Pierce (I);

Harrellsville – Mayor: Robert Dantz (I); Town Council: Deborah Baker (I), Coleman Taylor (I), Mary L. Thompson (I), Roy Worrells Jr. (I);

Murfreesboro – Mayor: Lynn Johnson (I); Town Council: Dennis Craig, Molly Eubank (I), Lloyd Hill (I), Gloria C. Odum (I), Bill Theodorakis (I), Sarah Whitley Wallace (I);

Winton – Mayor: Calvin S. Hall (I); Town Council: Wayne Brown, Ernest Green (I), Charles Jones (I), Will Liverman (I), Wesley Liverman (I), William McCoy Pierce (I).

* Donald Kirkland has declared himself a write-in candidate for Mayor of Ahoskie.

Filings in Northampton County include:

Conway – Mayor: Brian E. Bolton (I); Town Commissioner: Alan C. Harris (I), Phil A. Matthews (I), Willie G. Simmons, Gail C. Wade (I);

Garysburg – Mayor: Roy L. Bell (I); Town Commissioner: Darryl Whittle (I), Jearline V. Brown (I), James M. Mayo (I), Lola Ausby (I), Iris F. Williams (I);

Gaston – Mayor: Tim Andrews; Commissioner: Louise M. Bailey (I), Donald E. Dixon, Della L. Johnson;

Jackson – Commissioner: James W. “Dock” Boone (I), Karin J. Clements (I), Mary Ann Crawley (I);

Lasker – Mayor: Dick Collier (I); Commissioner: Charles M. Daughtry Jr. (I), Robin Gibson (I);

Rich Square – Mayor: Doris Risper (I); Commissioner: Linwood C. Bryant (I), Charles M. Eason (I), Raymond Joyner (I), Joyel D. Vick (I), Reginald White (I);

Seaboard – Mayor: Bobie N. Moss; Town Commissioner: William Gallimore (I), Edward Henderson (I), Danny Hines;

Severn – Mayor: George H. McGee (I); Commissioner: Harold L. Garris (I), Franklin L. Ferguson (I), Troy Holloman (I), Eloise P. Martin (I), Royal P. Watson (I);

Woodland – Commissioner: Les Clark (I), David Cooper (I)

Gates County filings include:

Gatesville – Mayor: Elton Winslow (I); Town Council: C.H. Carter (I), Wade Hobbs (I), Frederick P. Smith Sr. (I)