Lift station work nears end

Published 5:39 pm Sunday, November 1, 2009

MURFREESBORO — Work on the Holly Hill lift station is nearing completion.

On Tuesday, the Murfreesboro Town Council approved a $7,981 change order on the project. The Town’s Engineer submitted a formal change order requested from H.G. Reynolds, the contractor for the project.

Town Administrator Cathy Davison also gave council members an anticipated completion date as to when the work on the lift station will be completed.

Davison said the change order is for a 150 square foot block retaining wall ($3,376) and an electrical upgrade ($4,605).

Davison said an anticipated date of the end of next week was given for the lift station to be completed.

Councilwoman Gloria Odum offered motion to approve the change order; it was seconded by Councilman Lloyd Hill. The motion passed without objection.

The decision paper also provided an amount of anticipated expenditures to be $179,906. The paper also listed the amount left on the Community Development Block Grant to be $133,487.72; with the difference of $46,418.28 to be paid by the town.

The lift station is being upgraded for the Howard Hunter Villas project which will provide housing for low income families.