Halloween – let the kids have their night of fun

Published 12:37 pm Thursday, October 29, 2009

There’s nothing dark and dangerous about Halloween any longer – it’s just fun.

And, as it should be every year, all adults must take responsibility to ensure that trick-or-treat time is exactly what it’s intended to be…fun for the kids.

So here’s a little advice to keep the “little ones” safe and sound on Oct. 31. If you plan to have an adult Halloween party, hold off until the trick-or-treaters have completed their annual visit to your home.

And, of course, never drink and drive.

Kids shouldn’t be deprived of their fun because of an adult’s bad decision. The problems of the adult world should not encroach on this very fun night.

Halloween is about fantasy and fun these days, not real frights.

Once upon a time there might have been “tricks” if there were no “treats” on demand, but that practice has been pretty much forgotten. Now it’s just a night the kids can play dress-up, get plenty of positive comments about how cute they are and, most importantly, get a bag full of goodies.

And, speaking of all those goodies, parents shouldn’t be any more worried this year than in years past. They still need to check the treats to make sure they’re safe, just as they do every year.

Keep a close eye on your children and hopefully they’ll have some fun. The real danger on this particular night comes from foolish adults who think Halloween belongs to them instead of the children.