Weather warning system operational

Published 9:52 am Tuesday, October 13, 2009

JACKSON — The severe weather warning feature on Northampton County’s CodeRED system is now up and running.

According to Northampton County Emergency Management Coordinator Tim Byers, the system is now accepting phone numbers from individuals wanting to be notified of impending severe weather.

A message notifying citizens of how to utilize the weather warning feature and how to submit their telephone number(s) was sent to 13,000 citizens late last week. On Friday, Byers said hundreds had already signed up for the feature.

The new feature will link the notification system to the National Weather Service and will warn citizens of inclement weather, including severe storms, tornadoes and flash floods.

Byers said there are two ways citizens can get the weather feature. They can either logon to the county’s Web site at and click on the CodeRED icon or call his office at (252) 574-0214.

Byers said he recommended citizens sign up for the weather feature as it could one day prove to be a lifesaver.

The CodeRED system has been in place in the county for more than a year and notifies citizens of vital information and warnings, including evacuations, prison breaks, boil water alerts, missing children alerts, etc.

The system can target specific areas in the county if only a certain town or area is affected by an emergency.