PAWS deserves appreciation, support

Published 10:00 am Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A story on the front page of Saturday’s News Herald brought to mind a group of people who deserve a lot more recognition than they routinely receive.

The story had to do with the Hertford County Commissioners and a request presented them by the PAWS organization.

On a motion by Commissioner Curtis Freeman, the commissioners were quick to grant the request and we commend them for that.

What PAWS was asking was that the commissioners waive fees that would normally have been associated with the moving of two buildings onto the grounds of the county’s animal shelter that PAWS helps to maintain. The buildings formerly served as portable classrooms and were given to PAWS by the Hertford County Board of Education, another group that deserves positive notice for that.

PAWS will use the two 25’ X 35’ buildings to expand the room available for housing abandoned or surrendered pets the all-volunteer organization accepts, nurses back to health if necessary, and makes available for adoption.

And it is the organization’s overall mission that deserves recognition and appreciation not just occasionally, but day in and day out.

First, it is a service valuable to all of us on a very utilitarian basis. If PAWS were not there to fulfill that mission, how would area governmental entities deal with the issue of lost, abandoned or unwanted animals? It is, in fact, potentially a far greater issue than most of us can comprehend.

On a more human, a more spiritual level, these volunteers give freely of their time and, indeed, of themselves to care for creatures unable to care for themselves.

In caring for the animals, PAWS represents the humanity in us all.

They do, indeed, deserve our appreciation and our support.