Bertie Board approves Relay request

Published 10:32 am Thursday, October 1, 2009

WINDSOR – Bertie County American Cancer Society leaders came looking for help on two fronts.

They received that help in one regard from the Bertie County Commissioners while the county leaders said they will help in some way towards the second request.

Linda McNair-Moore, one of the co-chairs of the 2010 Bertie Relay for Life event, came before the board last Monday night making a request for a waiver of the fee to use the Bertie County Recreation facility and to allow payroll deductions for county employees. The payroll deductions are a method used to make donations to Relay for Life.

McNair-Moore began by talking about the success of the 2009 Relay for Life event which was held in May. She said the goal for 2009 was $175,000 but the county ended up raising nearly $195,000.

“The work isn’t done. There’s more to do,” McNair-Moore reminded the board.

She then asked the board to consider waiving the $150 fee for the use of the Bertie County Recreation facility which will be the site of the 2010 event. She also requested that the board come to opening ceremonies.

“We need your support and we want you there,” she said.

McNair-Moore also told the commissioners about recent successes in signing up new participants in payroll deductions at Perdue.

“We signed up 185 additional participants,” McNair-Moore said. “We are projecting $85,000 just from Perdue.”

She then said Relay for Life officials had talked to several people who worked for Bertie County and those employees said they would be interested in making contributions through payroll deduction.

Commission Chairman Norman M. Cherry Sr. clarified that they were asking for voluntary deductions and McNair-Moore said that was the case.

McNair-Moore said the American Cancer Society would provide sign-up forms and all they needed was for the commissioners to allow payroll deductions for the cause.

“We would have no problem with them doing that should they so choose,” Cherry said.

Commissioner Rick Harrell made a motion to allow the deductions with Commissioner Charles Smith offering a second. It passed by a unanimous vote.

Cherry then talked about the request for the fee waiver.

He said the fee was $150 coupled with the cost of lighting the facility, which would probably exceed the $300 mark.

“We usually contribute $500 to the event,” he said. “What we can do is take that $500 and we’ll pay the fee and the lights.”

JoAnn Jordan, who also serves in the leadership with the Bertie County Chapter of the American Cancer Society, asked that the board consider donating the $500 and contributing the fees and lights as an “in-kind” contribution.

Cherry said the board would take the matter under advisement and give a decision at a later time.

Bertie County Manager Zee Lamb asked when the event was scheduled to be held and was told it was May 14 and May 15 of 2010. Organizers said they would probably be using the facility all day both days.