Recording fees on the rise

Published 7:54 pm Monday, September 28, 2009

Clerk of Court offices statewide are not the only ones facing rising costs in regards to recording official documents.

Effective Oct. 1, Register of Deeds offices throughout the state will begin charging an additional $5 fee for recording deeds.

The NC Association of Registers of Deeds, upon the interpretation of State General Statute 161-11.6, said the $5 fee applies to any document that contains the word “Deed” in the title of the instrument and any document in which the Register of Deeds is entitled by law to collect an Excise Tax.

The exception to that rule are Deeds of Trust or mortgages. The recording fee for Deeds of Trust will increase to $28 for the first page (plus $2 for verification) and $3 per page for each additional page. For example, the recording fee for a five-page Deed of Trust will now cost $42.

As a reminder, those applying for a Marriage License in North Carolina will now pay $60. This statewide increase went into effect September 1, as did an array of court costs assessed through the Clerk of Court offices.