John Hinton merits

Published 8:43 am Tuesday, September 22, 2009

John Hinton, Chowan University’s vice president for human resources, decided at some point in the not-too-distant past, according to Chowan President Dr. Chris White, that the university should have a fight song.

Many would have simply advocated for the creation of such a song.

Hinton simply wrote it.

Well, he wrote the words. And we presume it was he who chose the music to which those words would be set: “Semper Paratus” by Frances Van Boskerch.

And then he sought the involvement of Chowan Music Professor Mike Patriko who, Hinton last week told the first audience ever to hear the new fight song, “in a very short time, over the weekend, arranged it.”

Hinton also had high praise for the Chowan band members, saying, “They put this thing together.”

Hinton led that audience in the first public singing of that new fight song, “Hail Chowan.”

Here are the words:

Now Let’s show our Chowan pride.

The Hawks have come to play.

The spirit soars above our team.

We’ll surely win this day.

Fight, till it’s over, mighty hawks.

Fight on for Old CU.

With spirits brave and hearts on fire

Hail Chowan, the white and blue.