Bertie seeks state accolades

Published 9:10 am Tuesday, September 15, 2009

WINDSOR – To the victor goes the spoils.

Or so Bertie County Schools is hoping.

After an unprecedented year of success in the North Carolina testing program, the school district made nominations last week, seeking recognition for the work of the school board members and Bertie County Commissioners.

The first nomination was prompted by a letter from the North Carolina School Boards Association. In a letter from Ed Dunlap, the board was informed about pending vacancies in the NCSBA Board of Directors in the region.

“There is a possibility of vacancies on the NCSBA Board of Directors from your region,” Dunlap wrote. “We are seeking nominations for these positions. The term of service is two years.”

Once the information was brought to the board’s attention, Board Chairwoman Emma H. Johnson asked if anyone was interested in serving. After there was no response, Johnson indicated her preference for board member Rickey Freeman to be nominated.

Board member Pamela Chamblee asked for clarification as to whether the board was making an appointment or recommendation. She was told the board made a recommendation and then NCSBA would make the final decision.

Chamblee then made a motion to nominate Freeman for the position and the board voted unanimously in favor.

“Thank you Mrs. Chamblee and other school board members,” Freeman said. “I do like the fact that we are submitting someone. To my knowledge, we have never had a person serve on the Board of Directors. If we don’t get selected, at least it is not because we didn’t try.”

The Bertie board also had the opportunity to nominate someone for the prestigious Raleigh Dingman Award which honors those who have contributed to the association, boardmanship and public education.

Freeman said he would like to nominate Vice Chair Gloria C. Lee, who he said deserved the honor and stood an excellent chance of being chosen. Chamblee made the nomination official by way of a motion and the selection was unanimously endorsed.

The third honor for which a local nominee was sought was for the NCSBA County Commissioners Award. This award recognizes a board of county commissioners for service to the local community through outstanding support for public education and secondary education.

“I think we should nominate the Bertie County Commissioners and explain all the outstanding things they’ve done to support us,” Freeman said.

Chamblee asked what drove the selection and Freeman said it would be based on the letters endorsing the county board and the nomination packet.

Johnson said she believed the county board of commissioners had done such an excellent job it was fitting to nominate them.

Chamblee again made the motion to make the nomination and the board voted unanimously to support the nomination.