Ex-inmate arrested on felony charges

Published 2:59 pm Saturday, September 12, 2009

AULANDER – An Ahoskie man who has previously served prison time for drug distribution is again in trouble with the law.

Tuesday night, Phillip Daniel Vick, 26 of 115 Arrow Road, was arrested for felonious possession with intent to sale and deliver a Schedule 4 narcotic, felony possession of a Schedule 4 narcotic and misdemeanor possession of a concealed weapon.

Bond was set at $25,000 cash and Vick made his first court appearance on Thursday.

Aulander Police Officer Jimmy Barmer, who made the arrest, said the narcotic was Xanax, a drug only available by prescription that is used to treat anxiety disorders, panic disorders and anxiety caused by depression.

Possession of such a drug within its original container, as dispensed by a pharmacist, is not illegal. In this case, however, Vick was found in possession of this drug that was not in an original container with his name affixed to the bottle.

“That is a felony,” Barmer said. “We just had a recent arrest here in Aulander for the same type offense. When these prescriptions are out of their normal element and sold individually or in bulk on the street, then that person is violating the law.”

Barmer said he received a complaint on Monday night (Sept. 7) concerning a white male riding a bicycle and knocking on the door of an apartment at Sandpiper Square.

“I had seen a white male earlier that night riding a bicycle, but was unable to locate him after the complaint was received,” Barmer said.

Barmer said he was on patrol in Sandpiper Square the following night (Tuesday, Sept. 8) and noticed a white male knocking on a door of an apartment. He added that he noted a bicycle lying on the ground nearby. Barmer said he approached the man and after questioning why he was knocking on doors in the apartment complex, he learned he was Phillip Vick.

“He admitted to having taken a Xanax earlier that day and then admitted he had additional tablets in right front pants pocket,” Barmer said. “I patted him down, locating a long steak knife in his right front pocket along with several Xanax pills. I also found additional Xanax pills in his left front pants pocket and at that point I placed him under arrest.”

Barmer urged all citizens of Aulander to report any suspicious activity to the police department.

According to the North Carolina Department of Corrections website, Vick has previously served jail time for drug possession. He was released in February of this year after serving a sentence for possession with intent to sale and deliver a Schedule 1 narcotic. That offense occurred in Martin County in March of 2007.