Service agreement approved

Published 10:12 am Tuesday, August 11, 2009

JACKSON – Northampton County has entered a service agreement allowing for the upkeep of the heating and cooling systems owned by the county.

Monday morning, the Northampton County Commissioners approved a request from Public Works Director Billy W. Martin to enter into contract with SE&M Electrical and Mechanical Constructors to maintain all systems owned by the county.

The contract allows the 102 heating and cooling systems in the county to have preventative maintenance done twice each year and have two quarterly inspections and filter changes.

“Technicians will check in and out with the Building and Grounds Supervisor, on arrival and departure,” Martin said. “Technicians will also fill out maintenance reports on each piece of equipment completely and leave copies on site with the Building and Grounds Supervisor.”

After the proposal, Commission Chairman Robert V. Carter asked if it was the first time the county had entered such an agreement.

“Yes, it is,” Northampton County Manager Wayne Jenkins. “Up to now, we have been on an as-needed basis.”

Jenkins said the company offered the expertise that was needed to provide the service.

Commissioner Virginia D. Spruill asked if the systems were covered by maintenance agreements when they were purchased and was told any new system would be and would be covered that way instead.

“Who will decide when they come,” Commission Vice Chair Fannie P. Greene asked. “We wouldn’t want them coming twice in back-to-back months.”

Martin said a schedule would be developed that would make sure the company came at appropriate times.

The cost of the annual agreement is $15,226.21 and the contract will run from July 1 of this year until June 30, 2010.

After the discussion, Commissioner Greene moved to accept the agreement with Commissioner James E. Hester offering a second. It passed without objection.

In other business, the board:

approved the Tax Collector’s 2008 Settlement;

held a public hearing for the Rural Operating Assistance Program (ROAP) application;

approved the ROAP grant;

postponed an agreement with Pearson’s Appraiser Service Inc. for help with the revaluation project; and

appointed Joy H. Edwards, Christy N. Lassiter and Sandy M. King as Northampton County Review Officers.