M’boro unhealthy for dope dealers

Published 9:05 am Tuesday, July 14, 2009

If your vocation is peddling marijuana, Murfreesboro, North Carolina, is probably not the healthiest climate in which to ply your trade.

Investigating another offense entirely last week, two Murfreesboro police officers happened upon a drug violation and quickly and without incident arrested and charged a Murfreesboro man with “possession with intent to sell and deliver marijuana” and with “possession of drug paraphernalia.”

After all was said and done, Murfreesboro Police Chief Darrell Rowe told this newspaper, “I want to praise the officers for heads-up police work and for their quick thinking in order to bring this case to a quick conclusion.”

We second that, not only in this instance, but in a number of others we can think of and, likely, of many more we did not hear about.

The officers involved in this particular arrest were Capt. Chris Sumner and Lt. Joe Burgess.

Burgess also was involved in an arrest in April when a Virginia man was apprehended selling marijuana from a vehicle parked on Chowan University property. Also involved in that arrest were Rowe himself and Sgt Jamie Dilday.

And in March, acting on a tip received by Burgess, he and other officers arrested a woman at a residence on Spring Avenue, charging her, too, with possession of marijuana with intent to sell and deliver, and with possession of drug paraphernalia. She also was charged with maintaining a dwelling for the purpose of selling marijuana.

Those last two instances were based on tips provided by residents.

Here’s the bottom line: The Murfreesboro Police Department is well staffed and has strong, capable leadership backed by the strong support of the town’s elected leaders. The town’s residents are comfortable with the department and not at all hesitant to call its officers or its chief. If your ambition is to peddle dope, you’d probably be well advised to find someplace else to do that.