Duo made their mark on R-C area

Published 8:54 pm Friday, July 10, 2009

In Thursday’s edition of this newspaper, two giants in municipal government announced their intention to step aside following this year’s municipal election cycle.

Both Seaboard Mayor Melvin Broadnax and Windsor Mayor Bob Spivey said they will retire from the office they have held for 21 years and 18 years respectively. Their loss will be a great one, not only to the towns they serve, but to the entire Roanoke-Chowan region.

Broadnax and Spivey have dedicated themselves to working hard for the town they love. They have given their all and the beneficiaries have been their citizens. In many cases, all of the region have received benefits from the tireless efforts they have given.

Broadnax wanted to make Seaboard a place where owning your own home and staying in that town was feasible and he has led the effort to do just that. He has also been a leader in providing police protection and a town hall.

Spivey has been the leader of a fiscally conservative town board in Windsor. When he leaves office in November, the tax rate will actually be lower than it was when he became mayor in 1991. That feat is almost unheard of in this day and time.

While both men certainly deserve to enjoy retirement from public life, they will be missed because of everything they have done for the people they served. They have given their all…time, money and talent…to make their towns better and both towns are better for it.

We wish Mayor Broadnax and Mayor Spivey long, happy retirements.