B&E suspect arrested

Published 1:36 pm Saturday, July 4, 2009

MURFREESBORO – A Murfreesboro man is behind bars charged in three break-ins on the western end of the same town.

Kendrick Fitzgearld Freeman, 19, of U.S. 158-258 is charged with three counts of breaking and entering, three counts of larceny and two counts of possession of stolen property in connection with the incidents.

He was placed in the Hertford County Detention Center under a $140,000 secured bond. His first appearance was June 30.

Freeman is charged in three break-ins that occurred between June 17 and June 24. The break-ins occurred at residences located on Gardener Road, Irvin Road and on U.S. 158-258.

The third break-in occurred on June 24 on Irvin Road and when Sgt. Johnny Joyner responded, he received a tip from a witness. Subsequent to that tip, Hertford County Sheriff Juan Vaughan received information that Freeman had stolen property in his home.

“We responded by going to his home along with officers of probation and parole,” Sheriff Vaughan said. “We were able to locate some stolen property and took him into custody.”

After he was jailed for with the Irvin Road break-in, Freeman was charged by Hertford County Sheriff’s Captain Raymond Eure with the other two break-ins.

Among the items taken during the break-ins were a television, DVD players, telephones, DVDs, coins and jewelry.

“We are happy to have someone in custody in this case,” Sheriff Vaughan said. “There were more break-ins in the area beyond these three, but we hope this arrest will stop them.”

The sheriff said he appreciated the support of the community in solving the case.

“We thank those who provided information that led to this arrest,” he said. “We always appreciate the support of the community.”