Council’s wisdom needed in Raleigh and Washington

Published 2:50 pm Thursday, July 2, 2009

“I personally don’t think we’re in a position to do this right now.”

The words were those of Murfreesboro Town Councilman Lloyd Hill. They were spoken during the second June session of that town’s governing body and they came as the council was considering moving forward with a feasibility study regarding the eventual construction of a $1.5 million public safety building.

That the building is needed was not at issue. The council agrees it is needed.

But what was at issue – and what Hill very wisely gave voice to – was whether or not the town needs, right now, to commit to spending that money.

Billy Theodorakis, another Murfreesboro councilman, was quick to agree with Hill: “We’ve spent a lot of money in the past year,” he said.

Molly Eubank agreed, too. “I definitely see the need,” she said, “but I kind of agree as far as the money end of it.”

And Council Member Sarah Wallace added perspective: “I agree. I don’t want us to be like some of those other municipalities that are in so much debt they can’t get out.”

Frankly, we all would be better off if those members of the Murfreesboro Town Council were representing us in Raleigh and in Washington.