Remembering Michael Jackson

Published 6:09 pm Saturday, June 27, 2009

In Pakistan, the country’s most popular English language radio station, City FM 89, played Jackson songs all day. The station’s general manager, Munizeh Sanai, told ABC News, “There are many people in Pakistan who don’t know that the world is round but know who Michael is. –

Thus is the legacy of the “king of pop” who died suddenly Thursday afternoon.

Michael Jackson left this world the same way he lived in it – sudden and unexpectedly.

Almost always the center of some sort of controversy, Jackson died amid clouds of doubt concerning prescription pain killers. But his death left millions, possibly even billions mourning the loss of the man who was to pop music what Elvis was to rock-n-roll.

While he certainly lived a public and convoluted life, the impact Jackson had on pop music and the culture of the entire world in inarguable. He is known the world over for his music, his dance style and what is arguably the most famous glove in the history of civilization.

It would difficult if not impossible to excuse Jackson’s lifestyle which included multiple accusations of inappropriate relationships with children and drug use, but to condemn his musical body of work that made him a household name is equally ludicrous.

Michael Jackson will be remembered as loved, ridiculed, controversial and extremely talented, but most of all, he will be remembered…