Playground dedication at M’boro Baptist

Published 10:01 am Thursday, June 18, 2009

MURFREESBORO – The Playground at Murfreesboro Baptist Church will be dedicated at 4 p.m. on Saturday, June 20, according to Elicia Revelle, coordinator of the playground project.

The dedication will be followed by a cook-out and “everyone is invited,” Revelle said.

Hunter Brown will prepare pulled pork “and all the fixings” for adults and there will be hot dogs for youngsters attending, she said.

According to Revelle, planning for the project began in January 2008. The project was completed within the past 30 days.

“With the growing number of young families in the area we decided this would be a good opportunity to provide for our members and our neighbors,” Revelle said.

She continued, “The previous playground had been put in place by the Vincent family nearly 20 years ago in memory of their son, Kevin Vincent. The church decided it was time to update the facilities as a way to better serve the church family, the children’s outreach programs that the church provides, and the children in the community.”

The playground, which is fenced, was built with two sections, she said, one for older children and one for younger.

“The 2-5 year old area is a Play & Park Structures facility,” she said. “In addition to the pre-school climb and slide structure, the pre-k playground also has swings and an outdoor painting station.

“Most parents,” she went on, “have never seen anything like the Kompan 5-12 year old facility – it is not your everyday playground, looking more like something from outer space. The kids are really drawn to it, even the tweens and teens… Besides the cool climbing structure for the older children, there are some spinning pieces that really draw the kids, along with swings and a basketball court.

“Volunteers at the church and in the community,” she continued, “built a picnic shelter where community members can come to celebrate kids’ birthday parties, have family picnics, or just get out of the sun. There are benches strategically placed for parents to sit and watch the kids play.

“This facility is open,” Revelle said, “to the public and is a way for our church family to give back to our community. This has all been done with donations and fund raisers. Cookbooks were put together as a fundraiser and they are still available for sale.”

Revelle suggested that those attending the dedication and cookout bring lawn chairs.

The playground is behind the church, which is on Main Street in Murfreesboro. For directions or more information, call Elicia Revelle at 252-396-1244.