Educational support nets praise

Published 5:04 pm Saturday, June 6, 2009

WINTON – The relationship between two key entities of Hertford County government is being praised for the success of the local public school system.

Earlier this week, Ronald G. Baker, Chairman of the Hertford County Board of Education, was joined by Hertford County Schools Superintendent Dr. Michael Basham as they presented a proclamation to the Hertford County Commissioners and County Manager Loria Williams honoring their support of public education.

“If you’ve been reading the local newspaper lately, some boards of commissioners and their school board don’t get along very well,” Baker noted. “That’s not the case in Hertford County.”

Baker continued, “We appreciate what you have done for us in the past as well as the current year. We, the school board, wanted to show our appreciation for your support of the school system by adopting this proclamation at our last meeting.”

In return, Hertford County Board of Commissioners Chairman Howard Hunter III said he and his colleagues were very supportive of the efforts made by the school board and school administrators/staff to improve public education in the county.

“We appreciate what you have done for our kids, what you are doing for our kids and what you will do for our kids,” Hunter remarked.

Again citing the commissioners’ support, Baker said the Hertford County School system is making strides.

“We’ve come a long way over the past four years, but we still have work ahead of us in order to get to where we feel this school system needs to be,” Baker said.

Other board members noted the efforts to improve secondary education in Hertford County.

“I appreciate the teamwork between the two boards; we’re doing this for all the right reasons, that to offer our children a better future,” Commissioner Curtis Freeman said.

While expressing his joy over the recent improvements in the county’s public education, Commissioner Johnnie Ray Farmer said he was still saddened by the fact that Dr. Basham will be retiring later this month.

“Dr. Basham, thank you for all you have done to improve education in Hertford County,” Farmer stated. “We will certainly miss you.”

Hunter and Williams formerly accepted the proclamation as presented by Baker and Basham. The framed proclamation was also signed by Hertford County Board of Education members John Horton, J. Wendell Hall, David Shields and Dennis Deloatch.

The proclamation reads as follows:

WHEREAS, the Hertford County Board of Education was organized to provide quality educational programs and services for the young people of the County; and

WHEREAS, the mission of the Hertford County Public Schools is to provide a safe, challenging and caring environment that fosters the development of life-long learners, productive workers, and responsible citizens in the 21st Century; and

WHEREAS, the HERTFORD COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS and COUNTY MANAGER have demonstrated enthusiasm, commitment, perseverance, and diligence in providing funding to support the educational opportunities for the young people, ensuring them a promising future; and

WHEREAS, the HERTFORD COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS’ and COUNTY MANAGER’S dedicated efforts have made a profound difference in the lives of young people across Hertford County by providing hope and assistance in reaching the challenging goals of today’s world; and

NOW, THEREFORE, we the Hertford County Board of Education and its Superintendent, on this 1st day of June, 2009, do hereby recognize the HERTFORD COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS’ and COUNTY MANAGER’S contributions of providing consistent support for the young people of Hertford County in meeting the mission of the Hertford County Public Schools.